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DVR Mobile Surveillance SuperMeye-iPad


User Manual

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Table of Contents

1.Function introduction

2.Getting Start

3.Add/Edit/Delete device

4.Live View

5.Snapshot and Record

6.System Settings

7. Contact us.

1. Function introduction

This app allows iPhone and iPad user to view and control live video streams from IP Cameras

and DVRs.

1. Stream Videos over WIFI or 3G

2. View up to 1/4/6/9/16 live video streams

3. Device management.

4. Snapshot and browse picture

5. Record and playback video

6. PTZ control

2. Getting Start

Connect your iOS device to the target using 3G or WIFI, Open this app you will be brought to main interface.

3. Live Video

Tap to enter the video playing view.

•Add Device

Tapto open the Add Device view, then input the login information.




Any characters that you like to identify this device. Please be noted

that the name should not duplicate with existing device’s name.


Target’s IP address or URL, please be noted that if URL is used,

the “http://”prefix should not be included.


DVR’s cellPhone port(or call mobile Port)


DVR’s user name


DVR’s password

Channel Number

Select the channel number, when assign, the app will set the

number automatically.

Delete Device

To delete a device, Tap on the upper right corner, then tap to delete a certain row.

Edit Device

To edit device, you can enter into editing mode by tapping of a certain row and click   button in the upper-right corner.  You can modify device login information in this view.

4. Live View

To start a live video, tap the Device icon to check out the channels, then tap the channel you want.

Repeat above steps to connect to other channels of the device or another device.

When some one channel selected, the channel circle icon’s color will turn into green. Tap the green icon, the channel video will stop and the icon color becomes grey.

Tip: You can tap and drag the window around to swap any two of them, and use the to expand the playing area to covered the whole screen.

Panel button description

Button Icon

Button Function

Add a new device

Back to the main view

Delete device





Zoom In

Zoom Out

Focus Add

Focus Minus

Iris Add

Iris Minus


Start/Stop Record

Close all video

Mono view

Quad view

Six view

Nine view

Sixteen view

5•Snapshot and Record files

•Snapshot and Record Playback

Tap in the main view to enter Snapshots & Records view, you can playback or delete the files from this view.

•Snapshot and Record File Export

In the photo display view or record replay view, tap to copy your files to the System Camera Roll, so that you can Email/Assign or export the file to your PC.

6•System Settings

Tap to open the Settings view:

Video Views

Set the display windows number when open the Live video view

Skip Home Page

Open the Live video view directly without showing the main interface when start this application

Show the main interface when start the application

Live Preference

Real-time mode: no buffering, which means there is minimum delay of the video display and video fluency may be suffered;

Quality mode: buffering enabled, the video will be more fluent in this mode;

Auto Play

Your last sessions will be recorded and opened automatically in your next launch;

Default mode, the auto-session-recording is disabled;

8•Contact us

If you have any feedbacks or encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us.

Technical support: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

This app is one product of EZeye Technologies. http://www.myEZeye.com

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